CSR Initiatives

Chhota Udepur District

Adoption of 8 schools of Chhota Udepur Taluka for academic inputs in class IX & X

Alembic CSR Foundation has responded to the appeal of the Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat, Smt. Anandiben Patel to adopt 8 government secondary schools of Chhota Udepur. These schools showed results below 30% in the board exams conducted by Gujarat Board in March 2015.

The list of these 8 government secondary schools is as below –

  • Achhala Sarkari Madhyamik Shala, Achhala
  • Antroli Sarkari Madhyamik Shala, Simal Faliya, Antroli
  • Ambala Sarkari Madhyamik Shala, Ambala
  • Gunata Sarkari Madhyamik Shala, Gunata
  • Ghoghadev Sarkari Madhyamik Shala, Ghoghadev
  • Jamli Sarkari Madhyamik Shala, Jamil
  • Kevdi Sarkari Madhyamik Shala, Kevdi
  • Ode Sarkari Madhyamik Shala, Ode

The Chief Minister of Gujarat Hon. Smt Anandiben Patel met the CSR team on 1 May 2016 She spent a considerable amount of time with the Alembic team discussing the future of 8 secondary schools adopted by Alembic since January 2015. She was pleased by the improvement in the results of these schools and further entrusted Alembic with the management of these schools for a period of 5 years. “When I came in December 2014, I was extremely sad. Today, I am going with a relaxed state of mind that somebody is working towards the betterment of these children. All children need love, warmth and a guiding hand. I am sure they will do wonders when given the right opportunity”.


Adoption of 1 Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV) of Zoz village

KGBV is a government run residential primary school for girls who are never enrolled, dropout, are orphans or destitute. It is a facility created by the government to provide shelter and education for these girls under the same roof. 100 girls in the age range of 11-14 years reside in this particular KGBV. The Alembic CSR Foundation with its inclination to provide good quality holistic development opportunities to girls has adopted a KGBV of Zoz village of Chhota Udepur Taluka. Work will include providing basic infrastructure facilities, and recruiting teachers and counselors. We will provide special input for curricular and co curricular activities thus focusing on their overall development.


Teacher Training Workshops for the Secondary Teachers of Chhota Udepur District

The Chhota Udepur District Collector requested the Alembic CSR Foundation to conduct subject wise training for the Secondary teachers of the entire Chhota Udepur district. 354 government teachers of class 9 and 10 of all district schools were covered in the training conducted from 18 to 22 January 2016.


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